It’s a bit strange writing about podcasts. Up until about three years about I didn’t really listen to podcasts. I started listening to one with my wife in the car and that led to finding some decent tech related podcasts. I spend about an hour and a half on public transport for my commute and it’s an easy way to consume podcasts without too much hassle. And that’s the beauty of podcasts, simplicity. Personally the best thing about podcast is digesting information easily and using what would otherwise be dead time to learn something new.

So what’s on my podcast list? The short answer is loads. I know this blog is tech focused but it’s important to branch outside your career so in my case there’s a few cycling podcasts as well as some that are related to hobbies and general entertainment.
Tech Podcasts:

Podcast Name Frequency Description Link
Datanauts Weekly This is the go-to Tech podcast for me. Ethan Banks and Chris Wahl have a great dynamic. The format is spot on with reflection on the discussion throughout the podcast. It covers enterprise tech, cloud tech and bits in between with emerging tech. If you only listen to one tech podcast make it this one. Datanauts – iTunes
Tech OnTap Podcast Generally weekly This is focused on NetApp technology but it’s a great resource for understanding the storage industry in general and where it’s going. If you work with NetApp technology at all then I’d highly recommend giving it a listen. TechOnTap – iTunes
The On-Premise IT Roundtable Irregular The is run by Gestalt IT and it’s excellent. A bunch of industry heavy-weights that attend the Field Day events hosted by GestaltIT sit around and discuss topics relevant to the future landscape of IT, taking in a business perspective and the impacts also. A truly informative listen. On-Premise IT – iTunes)
Tech Village Podcast Weekly/Bi-Weekly This is a new podcast but so far I love the format. It’s run by Yadin and Lauren and takes over the mantle of The Geek Whisperers in relation to IT career development. It has a very slick production quality and they interview those from the community and looks at distributed mentorship as a way to advance your career. Tech VIllage – iTunes
Virtually Speaking Podcast Generally weekly This is the VMware podcast hosted by Pete Flecha and John Nicholson. Pete used to be on the Tech OnTap podcast and the NetApp communities podcast prior to that with Nick Howell. This is a slick podcast with great guests and looks at not just the technology but also the use cases around it. The podcast is largely, albeit unsurprisingly, based on VMware technology but also deals with community engagement and interaction as well as blogging tips. It’s got some great intro music as well. Virtually Speaking – iTunes
The Geek Whisperers Deprecated This was one my favourite podcasts. It focused on career development and the journeys that people take. It was hosted by John Troyer, Matt Broberg and Amy Lewis. I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough. Sadly, it is no more after the trio decided to stop producing new content back in August 2017. The content they produced though could be considered timeless for the most part so make sure to check out all the back catalog. If you liked the Geek Whisperers then definitely check out the Tech Village podcast. Geek Whisperers – iTunes

Cycling Podcasts:

| Podcast Name | Frequency | Description | Link|
|CyclingTips Podcast | Weekly | This podcast has been around for a while now but when through a bit of a reboot with the on-boarding of Caley Fretz and James Huang. Along with Neal Rogers they create an audible version of the awesome content over at CyclingTips. The good thing is that it’s not just racing news but the stories around the stories, the behind the scenes and obscure stories as well as dealing with the everyday issues. Listen to it, you won’t be disappointed. I would recommend the podcast done with The Fat Cyclist, Fatty, as the host with the director of the NetFlix documentary Icarus. Mindblowingly good.| CyclingTips – iTunes|
|Life in the Peloton| Irregular | This is a podcast that hasn’t been updated in a while but it’s hosted by Mitch Docker, a professional cyclist at World Tour level. It’s largely discussions with other cyclists to give more of a background on how people approach racing but it’s really informal and relaxed. I hope to see more of these pop up in the coming year. Also, major kudos goes to Mitch for using the old Channel 4 music for the Tour De France as his intro music. It’s a tune that reminds me constantly of my childhood.| Life in the Peloton – iTunes |
Entertaining Podcasts:

Podcast Name Frequency Description Link
The Dollop Weekly I was introduced to this by my brother-in-law and I can’t stop listening to it. Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds reveal historical stories where Dave has done all the research and Gareth has no clue what’s coming. Hilarity ensues. It might not be to everyones taste but some of the episodes are just so funny. I would highly recommend listening to the Uber and Donald Trump episodes as well as the Hume and Hovell episode they recorded while in Australia. The Dollop – iTunes
My Dad Wrote a Porno Seasonal This is hands down the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to. Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine read and laugh at the self-publish soft-core porn books of Jamie’s dad, Rocky Flintstone, called Belinda Blinked. The banter is excellent and despite the absurdity of the content it’s hard to not love the stories of Belinda. Every Christmas we drive from Melbourne to Sydney, an 8 hour drive, to spend time with relatives and this is our podcast for trip. For the past 3 Christmas’ my wife and I have laughed along with the hosts and been on the verge of crashing the car from time to time because we’re laughing so hard. Have a listen but maybe not when your kids are around. My Dad Wrote a Porno – iTunes
WhiskyCast Weekly Mark Gillespie is the voice of Whisky for me. Every week, without fail, he releases his podcast with the latest industry news, tasting notes and in-depth interviews. The production quality is second to none and when you hear the list of sponsors he has it’s clear that the industry recognises just how influential and important WhiskyCast is. Mark has been doing this since the early days of podcasting and is up to 10 years almost of content so there’s a huge back catalog for you to peruse. There’s also a separate WhiskyCast Tasting podcast which is also worth a listen. WhiskyCast – iTunes

If you think of any others I should listen to please post a comment below. I’m always interested in adding some new stuff to the list.

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